Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

i just realized today that is has been quite awhile since i have posted so i thought i would do my daybook...since it is monday after all. and i didn't do it at all last week. but, the daybook is on vacation for this week so i thought i'd post a short little something to let you know that i'm still here and that my lack of posting is because we are having such a blessed Christmastime around here. my mom visited for the week or so before Christmas and we shopped, baked cookies and all sorts of fun things. then my husband began his vacation. this is so cool! because of the way Christmas and new year's fell this year he was able to take off only a few days and get about two weeks. so, he doesn't go back to work until january 5th. this is the main reason for my lack of posting. we are just enjoying being a family. he has been working so much overtime lately that the sleeping in, eating leftovers for lunch and just being together has been so sweet. we have accomplished alot of things that have been needing to get done but we have also been playing much...and it is so good. there are many things i want to tell you and show you, like our gorgeous church all decked out for Our Savior's birth...or how i actually got all the pajamas done in time for them to go to sleep at a reasonable hour...or about the wii-ally wonderful fun wii have been having as a family...
or the Christmas miracle of all my children not losing any of their Christmas clothing and posing for this picture without crying, hitting or yelling...
but that will all have to wait.

so, have a most blessed Christmas and remember to keep celebrating His most glorious of birthdays.


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