Tuesday, December 23, 2008

On This Eve Squared...

...i am proud to report that we have wrapped at least half of our gifts. this is a miracle for us because usually at 10pm on christmas eve i am still sifting through the closet to even find the kids gifts which finally get wrapped around 1am. and it's not that we get the kids millions of things. they each get four gifts total. i'm just that unorganized and that much of a procrastinator. it's been that way my entire life and i'm not expecting a complete change any time soon. although, that would be nice. but anyway, there is one thing i am a bit stressed about. you see. every year our kids get new jammies to wear to bed on christmas eve. and of course, like the completely anal perfectionist i am...i have to make them. but, when you factor in the procrastinator and unorganized side of me...do you know what you get? you get three pairs of pajama pants that are cut out without a stitch in them and three shirts that are waiting for some sort of appliqueing job to be done on them. and with one of those pairs of pants, there's a very real possibility that they won't work. my pattern didn't go small enough for our littlest lady so i pulled out a pair of her pants and just, sort of, cut out my own. all of this will be fine i assume if my sewing machine likes me tomorrow. otherwise, i may be finding out how late the stores are open tomorrow night. does anybody know where they have a sale on kid's jammies? :)


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