Monday, January 12, 2009

Simply Monday - January 12th

outside my window - it's already light out (i'm a little late this morning getting to this) and rather chilly with some ice still left on the ground from our ice storm saturday night. although, it's not as chilly as it's supposed to be by the end of the week when we aren't going to get out of the teens.

i am thinking - last week i had the momentum coming off of vacation to conquer the world and make sure things went right. this week is just blah. this one is going to be the real struggle.

from the learning rooms - more of the same, plugging along. hopefully a unit study for my son on the united states using these books and figuring out how to incorporate more science into our school day while still adhering to the fact that there are only twenty four hours in a day.

i am thankful for - oh so many things. where to start? family, friends, home...

from the kitchen - a meal for a family with a new baby and dinner...yes, i assume that should be coming from my kitchen tonight? but what?

i am wearing - jeans, black vneck shirt and sweater. the sweater is my ever present companion in order to keep the heating bill a bit lower.

i am reading - the computer screen to make sure i don't have too many typos.

i am hoping - for good weather next thursday for the march for life. just not rain. that would be good. i will be taking our oldest while my husband stays at home with the younger two. this is such an important year to be taking a stand.

i am creating - a game plan in my head for whipping this place into shape...and to the chagrin of the rest of my family it includes many garbage bags and quite a few trips to the donation center.

i am hearing - the kids play down the hall and the washer on its final spin cycle. the kids are loud but i'm just thankful they aren't squabbling and bickering. it seems like that is all they do these days. i guess that's being cooped up in the winter for you.

around the house - there needs to be more organization. that is not my forte. anybody with a hankerin' to show me what to do is welcome to just show up on my doorstep any time...i don't hear the doorbell.

one of my favorite things - my sheets! in the almost ten years we have been married i had never purchased "real" sheets. we always had the jersey knit or whatever was cheapest or free (we have spent many nights on character sheets from our childhood). but, with money i received for my birthday i broke down and bought sheets that actually listed a thread count on them. i don't remember what that was, and they were the cheapest that did such, so i'm sure they aren't luxury or something. but they feel like sleeping in a cloud to me.

a few plans for the rest of the week - little flowers, spanish, piano, praise and worship, gymnastics, library, irish dance. yes, it's all in a week's work.

here's a picture thought i am sharing with you - our kids love it when we have energetic houseguests. :)

remember to polka on over to peggy's for the other day book entries.


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A game plan for organization sounds good

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