Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year!

well, better late than never. it's the new year and tomorrow these guys......will be arriving at the stable. where does the time go?

i would usually say that we have been busy around here, running hither and yon, errand after errand. but no. we've just been enjoying hanging around home in our jammies and getting a few things done here and there...partially because we can't really go anywhere. you see. our cars have trouble. yep, the one that we usually drive has a coolant leak. and since we have already put what seems like bajillions into the head of this engine when it overheated before...we're playing it safe until monday when we have an appointment at the mechanic. the other car, well, it doesn't have heat...or defrost. they're kind of a package deal so i hear. anyway, traveling in what my husband has renamed "the polar express" wasn't high on the to-do list, but we braved it last night to do some necessary errands and also to get to our daughter's irish dance christmas ceili this evening. it was twenty seven degrees out, but we had blankets. so it wasn't that bad. i think the only addition i would have made was a ski mask so i could have felt my nose by the time we got home, but that's for another time. it's so funny how the kids don't care at all. they actually cheer when we pick up the blankets and head out for "daddy's car." it may be freezing, shutter once it reaches forty five miles an hour and not go over fifty five miles an hour...but to them, it's an adventure.

we have been praying for at least one new vehicle for over a year, but here we are. i accept that it must not be the right time for something like that to happen. but i can't help but admit that every time i think about the cars, i get a knot in my stomach and a lump in my throat. they are such a source of anxiety for me. i shouldn't let them be, but they are. we are blessed to have two vehicles that usually least enough to get us where we need to go...or within a couple of blocks...and sometimes not back home. :) but if you think of it, could you send up a little prayer for us? it would help my anxiety level out immensely if we could get something that even brings us into this millenium. even into the late nineties would be nice. i really don't care what it looks like. purple with pink polka dots and flying monkeys painted on the hood? can we all fit in it and will we have to use the tow truck number that i've programmed into my cell? no? sign me up.


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