Monday, February 02, 2009

Simply Monday - February 2nd

outside my window - it's sunny and clear. i'm not sure of the temp but it's most definitely brisk...and can't possibly compare to our lovely weather yesterday. they say we are supposed to have snow showers this afternoon.

i am thinking - that i can' believe it's february already. where did january go? and december for that matter? but, i guess that's good because that means i've gotten over one month of the winter blahs pretty much unscathed with only two (or three, depending on the good ol' weather) months to go.

from the learning rooms - i am trying to figure out what we will be done with in the next week or so in order to size up the holes that will be left to insert fun things like sewing, more hands on science, music and art. my hope is that this transition of material will help us to get through the previously referred to few "blah" months left.

i am thankful for - friends of ours who gave us an old car they had sitting in their garage. it won't go through inspection until the end of this week, so we aren't out of the woods yet, but at least we are getting there. it's amazing to know my husband is at work and that i still have a car to go to the grocery store. :)

from the kitchen - not much except a boatload of fruits and veggies i bought at costco yesterday. my kids were excited to see the ten pound bag of apples come through the door. i was happy that they cost less than eight bucks.

i am wearing - striped knit long sleeve shirt, jeans and slippers. nothing too exciting.

i am reading - still the stuff on insulin resistance. rereading and rereading.

i am hoping - that everyone is finally on the mend from the nasty respiratory thing we had pretty much all of last week. i know my husband and i are much better but i'm afraid my poor little boy with the dark puffy circles under his eyes who is coughing his head off is not.

i am creating - a bit of a unit for today on groundhog day. i picked up a quick movie and a book from the library. we will be making a craft this afternoon.

i am hearing - coughing and the rustling of star wars figures from down the hall, the washing machine and a certain somebody asking me if they can play instead of doing their writing assignment...uh, no.

around the house - arrgh, the laundry. the first load is in and i think there will be about three or four following close behind. today is one of my usual laundry days so there is usually two loads but i just couldn't function last week with the respiratory thing so the others didn't get done on thursday. oh well, at least we will be home all day so i can get them done. will they all get folded? yeah, right.

one of my favorite things - is being able to breathe through my nose. you don't know how good you have it until you can't.

a few plans for the rest of the week - spanish and piano, band rehearsal, gymnastics and dance. oh, and an extra dance inserted on tuesday. can't forget that.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -after playing in the snow, nothing feels quite as good as a warm blanket. ok, hot chocolate possibly...but the blanket is alot easier for me to clean up. :)

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