Monday, February 23, 2009

Simply Monday - February 23rd

for today...

outside my window - it is sunny in the early morning light and it seems rather windy still. i do like that there are only five houses on our road so far but i sort of wish they would at least build a few around the corner as a windbreak. the wind just rolls through here and takes everything with it. last fall it got so bad one day that it picked up our gas grill and through it out into the middle of the yard...breaking it into quite a few pieces.

i am thinking - about lent starting on wednesday and what i am personally going to do, as well as what we are going to take on as a family, to make this season a holy one.

from the learning rooms - i believe we are going to do the one last week of february (wow, where did that month go?) with the same old stuff while i try to find time to read all the resources i picked up at the library on the civil war, various science topics and hands on music so that we can do some more interesting unit studies to get us through march.

i am thankful for - so many things and the way the Lord has provided them.

from the kitchen - if all goes as planned, today will bring a baked chicken for dinner with red potatoes and also a king cake to celebrate mardi gras tomorrow.

i am wearing - green and purple flowered pajamas. i am done with exercising, had a shower and breakfast and now just need to get dressed and get the rest of my day started.

i am reading - ...ok, skimming, through "tales from shakespeare" by charles and mary lamb and "the children's shakespeare" by e. nesbit to see which one i like better. i checked them both out from the library and they are due today, which means i need to make a decision. i will be using one of them with my oldest to introduce her to shakespeare. anybody have a favorite?

i am hoping - to finish two quilt blocks so i don't get labeled as "the slacker" in the virtual quilting bee. and well, that would take first cleaning off my sewing make that hope number one and move "finishing the blocks" to number two.

i am creating - a big ol' pile of boxes filled with stuff to get rid of. i did this before we moved here last january and now i'm ready to do it again. i just get tired of stuff. i want even more minimalistic order and must go...for my sanity.

i am hearing - my five year old and three year old playing happily without arguing, for the moment. that is music to my ears.

around the house - there is the ever present laundry and tidying to do. it's not too bad since we had people over on friday, we weren't here on saturday and had people over yesterday. but, it needs to stay nice and clean through wednesday when the builder is coming to check on the warranty items we sent in on our one year check list.

one of my favorite things - is getting things organized into a very usable manner...and keeping them that way. now just to find the way that works for the family. that's the predicament.

a few plans for the rest of the week - a diocesan norms for weddings presentation tonight (since i cantor for them and we're a mentor couple i thought it would do me well to attend), mardi gras, mass for ash wednesday and all the other random classes and errands. then, a saturday completely free. i'm thinking the garage needs big time cleaning and that's the day to do it. :)

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - thanks to cookie crisp for the happy morning pick me up. and just an aside, no, this is not what i eat in the morning while trying to lose massive amounts of weight. this belonged to my daughter. :)

don't forget to stop by peggy's and check out all the other daybooks. have a great day!


Blogger Evening Shade Morning Latte said...

Love your picture thought. Your a silly cookie! *grin*

5:56 AM

Blogger momstheword said...

Good for you for exercising today. I still haven't done that yet and I need to!

12:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't believe the wind at your home. Picking up your BBQ, that's crazy. I loved the cookie crip picture. Very clever of you. I so would have had a bite when my daughter wasn't looking.

12:53 PM

Blogger A Gracious Home said...

Yum, your supper sounds so good. The cookie picture is cute. I have never seen that cereal. I'm also trying to lose weight. It's a hard road. God bless you, Doylene

4:45 PM


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