Monday, February 16, 2009

Simply Monday - February 16th

outside my window - i am just beginning to see the first tiny rays of daylight. it's a little later than it normally is when i'm sitting here writing this. 5am has been coming just a bit too early, so i've been lingering in bed until 5:30. i need to work on getting it back to five.

i am thinking - that i am discouraged with this whole weight loss thing. for the past month i have been exercising my brains out and consuming quite little on the caloric and carb end of things and i'm not seeing too much progress. my husband keeps urging me to go and see a doctor again but i'm afraid it's going to be more of the same, "i don't think you are trying hard enough." i don't really feel that i can try any harder. i'm exercising two times a day, seven days a week and watching every little morsel. this is nerve wracking.

from the learning rooms - i am strongly considering scaling back on everything else and just really focusing on history and science for the next month or two. i have been studying the civil war with my oldest, she really likes it and there are so many cool activities to do, books to read and places to visit. we are sorely lacking in science so i think that awhile of concentrated study could really help in that department. but can i survive an entire month of planning for hands on days....:).

i am thankful for - a husband that stands by me no matter what.

from the kitchen - i am trying to come up with new interesting things to cook that don't involve and carbs but those that come from fruits, veggies or whole grains. growing up in the midwest my cooking in the past has tended toward casserole-ish or at least combine your meat and veggies in a dish with some sort of noodle or cool typ of rice. that just doesn't work so well when you are trying to make sure you have enough protein to balance out your carbs.

i am wearing - ye ole' workout clothes. nothing too exciting today.

i am reading - the mater amabilis syllabus over and over to make sure there aren't any glaring omissions in our work this year.

i am hoping - that our car loan comes through today or tomorrow with a payment that we can handle. i know the Lord will work something out right when we need it...i'm just getting impatient after a year or more of waiting.

i am creating - still the quilt block. it's all cut out and waiting for me, it's just finding the time to get to the sewing machine. i think part of it is that i have so much stuff to do but also that i'm afraid when i get's all not going to match up. but, i need to get a move on because i have another one to finish too.

i am hearing - my youngest whine about being up for the day and my oldest two playing star wars (sure it's not even 7am, but they don't seem to mind).

around the house - there is much to tidy. all weekend long the kids continued to bring things down to the living room from their bedrooms and then leave them there. the floor is clean, but good luck navigating the chair, the couch, the love seat or the bench. and of course, i can hear the laundry calling my name from down the hall. the kids haven't said they are out of underwear yet though so things are at least good for one more day.

one of my favorite things - is reading all of the nice comments that people leave for me about my daybook. i try to get around to all of those who visited me at least but sometimes that doesn't happen. thank you all for the lovely comments about my picture from last week. it's one of my recent favorites.

a few plans for the rest of the week - hopefully purchasing a van, maybe a kids day at the super market today, spanish, piano, no gymnastics this week, but we have art, irish dance, dentist for the kids.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -
i wish i could just hide under my bed when things started going badly. :)

don't forget to check out the other daybooks for today. have a great week! (i have to say that now because who knows if i'll get back here before next monday).


Blogger Jodi said...

Good luck with you van purchase. I too would like to hide under my bed when things go bad!

6:12 AM

Blogger Marie said...

Great day book entry Heather. I hear you with the weight loss thing. I try so hard and it seems like I have very little success. It was a lot easier when I was younger!

6:14 AM

Blogger Debbie said...

I hear you too on the weightloss thing. I was struggling and then Valentines Day came and I totally gave up. Well back to exercising and eating better today. Thought that will be hard with the Valentine Candy I have by my desk... LOL

My dd loved the Civil War era, I am doing the Middle Ages with my boys right now and they love that era. Lots of Knights and battles and weapons.

I wish I could crawl under my bed too but I need to do school with the boys, exercise, blog, make dinner... so much to do!!

Have a blessed day,

6:32 AM

Blogger Jerralea said...

Enjoyed your daybook. If you're trying that hard on the weightloss front, I believe I'd change doctors. He doesn't seem to to have a good attitude!

7:32 AM

Blogger Lyndie said...

I enjoyed your post. I too am struggling with weight loss, I do all the right things and still aren't losing-it's quite frustrating. I'm searching for a new doctor, a woman this time-men, even doctors-just don't get it.

8:17 AM

Blogger Sarah said...

Enjoyed your daybook and wish you all the best in all your endeavors...sounds like you have a lot of things on your plate (no pun intended!) It gets tiring to cook the same things - I try to focus on "whole" foods on the plate, but that gets expensive and boring. (straight up meat, fruits, and veggies)

I, too, would like to just teach a few subjects to get more indepth, but feel like I can't afford to let the other ones go. Such a balancing act we lead!

Have a great week and good luck with your van purchase. I hear there are some pretty good deals around right now???

9:04 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weight loss is always so stressful especially when you are not getting results. The picture of your little girl is precious.

11:47 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great daybook. As for the weight loss it is difficult especially if the doctor just tells you that you aren't trying hard enough. You need to make sure that you are eating enough calories or your body will act as though it is being starved. I wish you all the best in that endeavor as I am on that same path to better overall health.

I'm with you about the hiding under the bed - some days I long for those days again.


2:15 PM

Blogger A Gracious Home said...

Weight loss is hard. I've been dieting for forty years. My weight fluctuates daily. I pray you will find a way that works for you. What has worked for me is eating the way I always have but eating half the amount. If I get a hamburger I half it and eat one half at another meal. That way I can have a fruit. Good luck, Doylene

12:43 AM


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