Monday, March 16, 2009

Simply Monday - March 16th

outside my window - it's still dark and i have no clue what it's supposed to be like today. i simply hope it's warm enough and not too muddy for the kid's to go outside for awhile. they are stir crazy and just ready for summer. you know what? take a number kids. mom is too.

i am thinking - that i need to go see a nutritionist...or somebody. i'm exercising profusely and drastically watching what i eat and how much of it i eat and the weight still seems to really like to hang around with me. i am its favorite friend. yippee.

from the learning rooms - i am making plans for next year. yep, when the days stay breezy and dreary...i make book lists and curriculum plans. :)

i am thankful for - a cuddly little three year old who woke up in a good mood and snuggled in by my side.

from the kitchen - i need to make a menu plan using whatever is in the house. i am trying my best to not visit the grocery store...except for milk and bread. there are monthly payments to be made on the new vehicle and i'm trying to pinch every penny to make sure that isn't an ordeal.

i am wearing - a smile. i'm trying to be more positive this lent. it hasn't been working so well the past few weeks but i'm hear again this morning to try and make a new start.

i am reading - book and program reviews to try and figure out what we are going to use next year.

i am hoping - to get some of kids clothes culled that don't fit or are just to stained or ripped up to wear anymore. the stuff doesn't really fit in their drawers anymore, but from what they are coming down dressed in (and i am sending them back up to change) i know there is much in there that can be gotten rid of.

i am creating - a plan...for many things. now to just put it all into action, step by step (that's the part i'm bad at...conquer the world all at once...yes!...and actually accomplish nothing...yep, i'm there).

i am hearing - my five year old whine...about everything. it's been his mantra lately. i'm hoping it's just a phase and not a personality trait.

around the house - lots and lots o' laundry.

one of my favorite things - is seeing the tulips and such peeking up out of the ground. i am upset that i couldn't find my crocuses to dig up when we moved from the old house. i am going to put it on my long term check list to plant some crocuses and snow drops this fall. i'm also looking to get a start of a butterfly bush for the backyard.

a few plans for the rest of the week - spanish and piano, irish dance, gymnastics and art, and a irish dance performance on friday. but, there are two days at home...with nothing to do. yippee!

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - this was mardi gras at our house. yes, i know we are well into lent now. but i forgot to post these pictures and i thought it was too cute to pass up.

have a great week and check in on the other daybook entries over at peggy's.


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