Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Wowee, It's Been A Long Time

hmmm, i knew that it had been awhile since i updated...but not that long. it's not that nothing interesting has been happening around here. it's that too much interesting has been happening around here. we've had birthdays and out of town guests, a ten year anniversary for me and my husband and parties...and did i mention parties? we've had piano recitals and talent shows, picnics and cookouts, and so much more. not too mention all the day to day stuff like cooking, cleaning and laundry that still needed to be done amidst all of that. oh, one little thing i want to highlight. i went with a good friend of mine to the ihm homeschooling conference in virginia a week or so ago. it was fabulous. the one in virginia is obviously over for this year but they do still have ones coming up in cleveland, tampa and dallas/ft. worth. if you can swing a visit, i highly recommend it. the speakers were phenomenal and the vendor area had a ton of vendors. my only complaint is that i was exhausted when i came back home. i was mentally recharged but i severely felt like i had jet lag. there was alot to pack into one weekend (ok, and my son had his birthday party the day i got back and we had a cookout for ten girls the day after that) but it was well worth it. i think that our entire family is going to try and go next year. so anyway, after all this busy-ness, i stopped to look around the old homestead yesterday and take a gander at the loveliness i found...

yep, it's summer alright, even if it doesn't feel like it here. it has still been rather windy and on some days downright chilly. but, if i have to make the choice between this and 90 plus temps with one hundred percent humidity...i'll take this hands down. we haven't even had to turn the air conditioning on yet. i just love the fresh air and hate having the house closed up when it's so beautiful outside. if we can make it into july without closing up the house that will be a dream come true. well, without further ado, i should get going. i have a mondo stack of quilt blocks to finish for the virtual bee (i am the definite black sheep of the group and i think everybody is secretly organizing a coup to oust me so they can get a more martha stewart, on top of it kind of gal in my place) and i need to start up on some beading and other projects to hopefully sell here. make sure to join me there. it's sure to be a wonderful time!


Blogger Kelly said...

I love that pink flower!!!!! Sounds like you are having a great summer!!!!

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