Friday, September 15, 2006

two little musings...

well, the font has been a little dry the past few days but here are two little gems that both smacked me in the face yesterday...

1st - i realized that the most important thing i ever learned in all my years of schooling (17 years) came in the form of an extra credit question. it was that one about the cat, the chicken, the bag of grain and the boat. you can only take one across the river at a time, don't leave the cat alone with the chicken or the chicken gets the axe, don't leave the chicken alone with the grain or you'll be left with an empty bag, etc. i have now realized with 3 children under 7 that this is the story of my life...or of at least trying to get them all in the car by myself.

2nd - i, being a rather large and portly woman, definitely find weight a touchy topic. well last night i ran (ok, not literally, remember...i'm one of those "big" girls) out to the local outlets to pick up a shirt at the layne bryant outlet. while there i noticed a new store was going to open next to layne bryant. i couldn't believe what it was. PETITE SOPHISTICATE!!! oh, who wasn't doing their homework on this one? i can just see it now. this beautiful, slender, petite little thing is strolling along the sidewalk intoPETITE SOPHISTICATE and i get out of my car (insert the thundering footsteps of me lumbering across the parking lot). her headturns toward the deafening sound, she shrieks and runs in fear. there you have it. the fat ladies will either scare the petite ones...or eat them so they don't have to walk all the way to the food court.


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