Monday, March 08, 2010

The Sweetest Gift

on saturday morning i was blessed to be able to attend a homeschool support type meeting with two of my good friends. i can't tell you whether i was more excited to have the morning out, to spend it with two really good friends or to get a free breakfast that was cooked for me. :) all together, i think it made a great morning. but in addition to this, i received the sweetest gift. one of these great friends, beth, over at simply sewn is a quilter extraordinaire. her quilts are absolutely beautiful and i just love the style of them. before i saw her quilts, i never thought of myself as someone who liked quilts. i always thought of them as something boring and sort of old lady like with all of their pastel colors, flowers and lace that only belonged on your grandma's bed. ok. i guess i was biased. but, beth's quilts changed my mind. they are truly beautiful and vibrant. the colors she picks are wonderful and the patterns are so unique. i just love them. in addition to her finished products, i have long admired the amount of time it takes her to get them completed. when she starts actually gets a timely manner. for me, i think about something...wait (procrastinate) awhile...purchase any needed supplies...wait (misplace the supplies) awhile...start on it...and then never finish. i still have spring dresses that i intended to sew for our oldest daughter (who will shortly be ten) that were cut out of the fabric...never sewn together...and are now even too small for our second daughter who is four. yep, that's the kind of progress i make. but anyway, i had joked with beth about a year ago that i thought i was going to have to have a another baby in order to own one of her marvelous quilts. well, on saturday morning she gifted me with this beautiful quilt.i just love it! :) i am so excited to finally own one of her quilts. it has the cutest little birdie fabric all through itand it is backed with an oh so soft light green and white polka dotted flannel.i can't wait to wrap our new little one in it and snuggle him or her. only about eight weeks left to go. :)


Blogger simplysewn said...

Heather - I'm so glad you like it! I just realized that I never took any shots of the finished product so I'm glad you did! I had such fun piecing it together for you. Can't wait to meet it's "real" owner. Beth

1:44 PM


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