Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Deal

yesterday afternoon in the grocery store check out i had one of those "praise be to Jesus" moments. you know. the ones that make you want to dance around in a circle and shout "praise God from whom all blessings flow" at the top of your lungs? ok, maybe you don't have those but i do...God wiiling. and i think it's quite good to have one of those at the check out because frankly, those are usually a much more of a "how could these groceries possibly cost this much?" and "how are we going to pay for this?" type of moment. anywho, i went into the grocery yesterday to purchase some cereal that was on sale. you see, for every four boxes you bought, you got six dollars off...and i came armed with coupons. but, much to my chagrin i only had a couple of coupons so i thought it was going to be a sort of lame, rather quick trip. but, upon arriving in the cereal aisle my little eye spied some boxes with three dollar coupons on them. yes! big, big score. so i hoisted three of those boxes in my cart...carefully pulled off the coupons...and selected yes, another thirteen boxes of cereal. then i carefully counted my boxes while fielding the usual stares from passers by wondering what the heck i was doing with sixteen boxes of cereal and headed to the check out. once everything was scanned the total was just shy of sixty dollars. and then the coupons were scanned and the sale offer of six bucks back came rolling off the total. that brought my total down to...drumroll please...twenty four bucks! but wait. it just kept getting better. you know those little coupon printing machines that are supposed to print for you after every transaction but are usually broken or out of paper or the cashier at target pretends like you won't notice and pockets the diaper coupon it prints out for you (but i digress)? it began to print off coupons for free milk...four coupons for a free gallon of milk. i could hardly contain my mirth. i'm sure if you took a look at the security camera footage i would be grinning ear to ear and looking around ecstatically like i expected the publisher's clearinghouse prize patrol to pop out from behind the gum rack any second. it was definitely a good day. i just love it when God blesses you with such a deal on stuff that your family really needs. i can't even begin to tell you how much cereal we go through over here. this bunch will last for a bit...but just a bit. and how blessed we are to have been gifted with it. oh, and i finally found the gift certificate that i've been tearing the house apart for. it's amazing what cleaning the basement can do for you. ;)


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