Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Bubby!

e year ago i got a hideous stomach bug. i was pregnant, but not due for another five weeks so i just thought i'd hang in there, try to get some rest and try to keep down some liquids. but then, the contractions started and even though we went to the hospital and they started an iv, the baby wasn't waiting. so, in the wee hours of the morning we welcomed a tiny silas matthew to our family. praise God he was healthy and didn't have any of the problems we had been told a preemie could have. little did we know that there would be other issues, those that wouldn't be so easy to diagnose or find someone to treat. it has been a difficult year but it has also been one oh so full of blessings. we love you so much our little bubby. thank you for teaching me to love, to trust and to hope. you are such a beaming light in our family. you have brought so much joy to all of us. i pray you may continue to grow and develop as a beautiful child of God.


Blogger Xia and Isa said...

What a miracle you are. Happy Birthday - lots of love,
the Zimmermans

10:11 AM


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