Friday, July 01, 2011

My Talented Friends

i have so many ideas swirling around in my head, yet not too many of them come to fruition. yes, i know. there's a time and a season for everything. and as many people have told me many times, this is just simply not my season for getting things accomplished. with an eleven, eight, five and one year old, homeschooling and a house to take care of, i do well to keep my head above water most days. forget the finer things that i dream about like fine tuned organization, musical theatre (performing in it that is) and making all sorts of cool things ranging from sewing to jewelry (i do manage to get a bit of this done, you can check out my stuff here and here...when i actually have things listed) to cheese (yes, i said cheese). but, i wanted to direct you to two of my good friends who are doing things with their hands and their minds (that don't involve wiping little hands and behinds and reprimanding 'til the cows come home...and if mine ever do come home, my hoa laws will have something to say about that, but that's another story all together). so, i invite you to check out amy and beth and the wares they have to offer. amy and her really talented daughter have taken a big leap of faith and rented a stand at a local establishment called building character. they felt led by Our Lord (thought He definitely warranted a link too) and opened a lovely little spot called fresh vintage that provides even lovelier items for the little girl in your life. take a look at her posted pictures. they just scream "come up and pinch me 'cause i'm so darn cute!" they have quite the eye for what is fashionable and classy. my other friend beth has to be one of the most talented people i know. she can put together just about anything from nothing. and i really admire that when she thinks up something, she actually gets it accomplished. not just in her mind or possibly even drawn out on paper like i do all the time. when she has a good idea (which she does all the time) she makes it happen. beth has an etsy store that she has recently started filling back up again (yeah!) and she is also showcasing some of her lovely items at amy's place. so, if you are local, come stop by tonight during first friday and check out all the great items they have to offer. i'll be there. i'm also hoping to check out this great place. because you know...i need more craft and sewing supplies like a need a hole in the head. but, it's too good to pass up.


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