Friday, July 01, 2011

Daily Funnies

yep, two posts in one morning. it's a record. but, two things really made me chuckle yesterday and i know if i don't write them down they will be out of my mind as quickly as they came in.

#1, courtesy of my wonderful husband. a couple of weeks ago i had taken the kids strawberry picking at a wonderful local place called shady creek farms. i had not recorded the check i paid with in the ledger but the duplicate check was still in the book. my husband recorded the check into the log the other day. when i looked at it yesterday i read "check #blah, blah, blah - shady greek farm." hee, hee.

#2, i was reading the wonderful book "little acts of grace" to my youngest daughter yesterday. we were reading the section on holy water. after i had finished reading it i asked her why we bless ourselves with holy water as we enter the church. she said she couldn't remember. i said it was to remind you of something but she still couldn't remember what. so i said, "it reminds you of your ba...." waiting for her to quickly pick up and say "baptism." instead she responded, "i know, backwash!" um, not quite.


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