Friday, October 27, 2006

gross, gross and well...gross

sometimes i do well with it and other times i just don't think i will get used to the grossness of living with kids. i have gotten used to the snot, the spit, the spit up, the throw up and anything else that comes up so to speak. i've found poop on the floor, under finger nails (that someone is asking to have kissed...thank you isaac) and other places that we just won't even talk about. i've had kids pee on the floor, the wall, on me, etc. but this has to take the cake. maryam (6) has lost two teeth in the past week and a half. the first one was carefully placed in a zip lock bag, and placed under her pillow for the tooth fairy. after that it has disappeared somewhere, that kind of creeps me out, but i haven't found it yet. the second tooth seemed to be much more elusive. for the first thing, she popped it out on her own during the middle of the day when i was doing something else so she "took care" of it all herself. so, we had lunch a little while later and i cleared off the table. an hour later she came to me asking where her tooth was. i said i didn't know, where did she leave it. well, we figured out she had left it on the table and i had cleared the table so in that was in the trash. she fished it out and said she would put it away. i came into the dining room a short time later (to set the table for dinner) and found a tooth in a plastic bag in the middle of my dining room table again. i informed her that was not the place for it and that she would have to put it somewhere else for safe keeping. so, after i set the table i went to the living room to find my 11 month old chewing on a plastic baggy...WITH A TOOTH IN IT! obviously, the middle of the living room floor is a place for safe keeping according to a six year old girl. so she was promptly told to put it away again. we ate dinner, we cleaned up dinner, and then she asks, "where did my tooth go?" she received a resounding "i don't know" and was asked where she had it last. of course, where did she have the dining room table. as a joke i said to my husband "wouldn't it be gross if you packed it away with the leftovers?" he went to the fridge and promptly brought out a baggy full of french fries...with a little girls tooth at the bottom. i thought i would throw up. but of course, my husband took the fries the next day in his lunch. eeeeeeew!


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Glad to see you are blogging. I'm laughing about many of your escapades (due to being out of the smaller children phase myself). Have you ever read Judy Blume's books about Fudge? The library has them on tape and cd. You should get them for the car (and the house, and the bedroom, etc.) I think you could relate.


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