Thursday, December 07, 2006

in a hypothetical nutshell

help me. i'm stuck in a nutshell and it looks a lot like hades. here's the summary of my past two days:
wednesday - 4:45 am, 1 year old daughter wakes up...after going to sleep at 1 am
- 3 year old son pees his pants for the 86th time that morning and screams and writhes on the floor until 11 am after being put back in diapers
- 6 year old daughter back talks and whines from 11-2
-8pm, some moron has "fun" by pitching a brick through our van window
-8:30pm-1am spent cleaning up glass

8am- find out deductible is $250 and window will cost $255
5:30 pm - try to leave for mass and van battery is dead
late for mass...have to go at 6 am tomorrow



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