Sunday, November 05, 2006

had she known she would be on my blog...

...maybe she would have used her brain. this afternnon late we headed out to trader joe's near philly (one of my most favorite stores in the world) about 1 hour away. on the way home we stopped at walmart. their halloween items were 75% off...and what funny fat kid can resist cheap we picked up a few bags. one that didn't have a price rang up as $2.93. it was obviously halloween...hence the vampire on the front and i asked the cashier if that was supposed to be thec 75% off price. i didn't know if i was going to scream or laugh in her face when she gave a little ticked off sigh and said "uh, yeah." here's the script for the rest of the transaction:

me - "so you mean to tell me that bag of halloween candy was almost $12 to begin with?"

cashier - "uh, yeah"

me - "$12 for bagged candy?"

cashier - "uh, yeah"

cashier - " you want it or what?"

of course i said "no." i guess walmart's 1 week past the holiday candy has so greatly increased in price it is now considered gold...and i think this cashier got hit in the head with the pick axe used to mine it. the end.