Tuesday, August 17, 2010


it's almost over isn't it. the time has flown by and yet in some ways passed so slowly. i was inspired by this post from mary ellen awhile back. all summer long i sporadically worked on a post about everything i wanted to get accomplished this summer. the post still isn't done and neither are the things i wanted to accomplish. you see, it all started with the early arrival of a little man on april 11th. he's handsome. he's joyful. and overall, he's very healthy. but he has some issues. some feeding and muscular issues. i've hesitated to post about it because he isn't in any danger. we've managed to keep him fed, no matter how difficult and tedious it has been, and he is growing like a weed into quite the little line backer. that being said, i'm getting worn out by the marathon feedings and the many doctor's appointments which usually feel like we're chasing some solution that hasn't revealed itself. so, if you have a moment and could offer a short prayer for us, we'd all really appreciate it. school should be starting soon too and i just don't know how we are going to do it in the few stolen moments of the day. thank you. :)