Monday, November 02, 2009

I Made It!

(figuratively and literally). what is it that i made it through...this weekend. friday was trick or treating here in our area. i guess the local government just can't do without telling us when our kids can go out and gather candy either. so, they changed it to friday instead of saturday. i'm sure there is some really great reason they do this...but i'm not privy to it. so anyway, the kids had a good time and made quite the haul.
this shift of days also allowed us to enjoy an all saints party at our parish on saturday night. my husband and i were blessed enough to attend the party with st. michael the archangel...and st. clare who blessed us by even bringing along the monstrance which she bravely used to drive back the advancing army...and, i feel rather accomplished through all of this because i was able to complete the daisy and st. clare costume for my oldest and a few parts of the st. michael for my son. i love it when i actually accomplish something...especially when it's at the sewing machine. maybe i should plug onward while i seem to be on a roll. i have a quilt block, two skirts for me, a winter cape for me, some purses and three pairs of kids jammies to crank out.