Monday, October 29, 2007

This Is The Day...This Is The Day...Of The Giveaway...

of the giveaway...let us rejoice...let us rejoice...and hope we win...and hope we win...oh, this is the day of the giveaway, let us rejoice and hope we win (somebody stop me here!). hope you enjoyed that little sing along furnished by my short stint as a child in sunday school at the local methodist church. anyway, it's here. so please leave me a comment and you will be entered to am i telling nope. but you can super cool. *i forgot to mention earlier that this is US mailing only, sorry.*

***another update (hee, hee) i will stop the comments (Ok, technically i don't know how to technologically do that) but i'll get the number that are there at 10 pm tonight, saturday, 11/3. i'll draw a winner some time (don't hold your breath for speed) after that. actually, i'll probably ask my husband to give me a number between 1 and whatever (he's impartial...don't worry). oh, and here's your first hint for those who are late entering. the sparkly. have fun!***

head over to "rocks in my dryer" to sign up yourself and find the list of other participants

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Take A Gander At This...Since I Haven't Posted Anything Gander Worthy

well, i've been struggling to put together a deeply profound post for about oh, forever now and my mind still ain't doing it...i'll pass the baton. and let BooMama do it for me.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Well Color Me Wrong

i thought today was the day that i was going to begin my giveaway...but i was wrong. not anything unusual really. so, it's actually next monday. stay tuned.

Friday, October 19, 2007

In A Shameless Search For The Comment High...

i will again be hosting a giveaway. it will be in conjunction with the Fall Y'all Bloggy Giveaway over at Rocks In My Dryer. say what you will, but hey, it gets me some comments for a few days. :) i'll start the contest on october 29 and a chance to win another lovely mystery prize can be yours for just a comment!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Hello There...What's Everybody Up To?

wow, i didn't realize it had been so long since i had posted. sorry to the four readers. i know you were waiting with baited breath...that is if you haven't left me in the fray. anyway, i've been 30 officially for ten days now and i'm happy to report it ain't bad. i'm just as lazy/tired as i always have been. i think i may have even gotten a little wiser with the advent of this year...although i'm not going to hang my hat on that one. :) but seriously, i think this little lady is growing up...finally...and it does feel good. ok, it's still a little weird, but a good weird. if that makes any sense at all.

ok, new topic. i sold my first piece of jewelry on etsy. i didn't think the day would ever come. but, it did (high fives all around). maybe i should actually make something to replace it on there or here's a novel my etsy listing bill so the people there don't pull my site. ah, i think the latter should be attended to first.

while your at surfin' this here world wide web, why don't you check out michele's new endeavor. it's a really cool way to keep motivated on your creative pursuits. and amy and i are hostesses for the "craft table." so it's a good thing we are partners in this because that means the lukewarm glass of water i usually think to treat my guests to will be accompanied by her lovely cloth table linens, vintage melamine serving dishes and some fabulous zucchini or strawberry bread. so, you're in luck. and she may even bring some ice for the lukewarm water.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Oh My Goodness...What A Perfect Day!

well, you guessed it. today i turned thirty. i wasn't actually looking forward to it that much. i wasn't exactly dreading it, but i do admit that it had left me just a bit confused about what to think. anyway, thanks to my wonderful husband and children (allow me to exult their praises now) i had the best birthday ever. it actually started last night when my super terrific friend amy gave me's one of my totally favorite candles in my very very favorite scent. then this morning i was woke up to bed! after the tasty breakfast (that was almost too much for me to finish) i went downstairs to find a dozen of these beauties.they have special significance because my wedding bouquet was made of lavender roses (awwwww :) ). then we had a tasty lunch of philly cheesesteaks from my favorite place down the block and i got to take a nap (yippee!). then we went for dinner to a delicious mexican restaurant that we haven't been to before. the food was wonderful and it is absolutely beautiful inside. after dinner we came home for cake......and presents. some of which were picked out completely by the kids (those are the best in my book).

my husband also got me a totally cool present that i have wanted for two years and i can't believe that he bought it...but i won't bore you with that story here and now. i am totally blessed. today was perfect.

Lampeter Fair

last friday i took the kids to the lampeter fair for the afternoon. it was so cool and low key...and the kids loved it. but hey, what's not to love about huge pumpkins, cows, horses and baby chicks. they had a blast sitting on all the tractors, talking with the exhibitors about their horses and watching the various events in the ring. it was a beautiful day and we had a superb time.
we'll be back again next year for sure...and the kids want to try their hands at entering a few projects too.