Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing Around

my husband, who enjoys all things techy and has a radio/television degree under his belt, has been playing around with making a green screen. his plan is to make an entire movie with the kids once he gets it just right. here is what he made yesterday that i thought was just oh too cute not to share.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Look What Showed Up... our neighborhood.i stepped out the front door to water the flowers on sunday evening and heard a really loud, strange noise. this balloon was just coming over the top of our house and seemed like it was so close i could touch it. so, i called for the kids and we all ran down the block following it as it came in. it landed just a few minutes later in the middle of the street about three or four houses from ours. our section of the development isn't complete yet so they had plenty of room to land. let's just say we had the most popular block in the whole development at that point! it really was great to stand out there and talk with the neighbors while we watched them take down this beautiful balloon. they even let all the kids help them take it down.
they told the kids that this balloon could fit 120,000 soccer balls inside and a soccer ball is one cubic square foot so this balloon holds 120,000 cubic feet of air. and at that point i said to myself, "school day...check." :)