Wednesday, August 30, 2006

what in hades?

still don't like the toothbrush...don't they have floor models to test these things out?

on another topic, i'm a coupon clipping fiend. every sunday morning i rip through the paper to find out what toilet paper or yogurt i can save 20 cents on this week. but, this past sunday i ran into something that can only be described as "what in hades?" there, sandwiched between the coupons for snausages and the cheezy ad for the $24.99 flannel lounge pants was a coupon for a buck off of vodka. what...the average stay at home mom of 2.3 children doesn't have enough problems that she needs to ad a little hard liquor to the mix? i can just imagine the new argument in the cul de sac tonight. honey, i sent you out for the vodka and how could you forget to use the $1 off coupon? how are we going to afford the mortgage now? huh? huh?

Sunday, August 27, 2006

If only it were all easy

tonight i did it...i made the switch. i changed my toothbrush. it's always a harrowing thing but time and again i do it. so anyway, i stayed within the crest family yet have unfortunately downgraded to a much lesser model. the old brush had the shiny purple streamlined handle than cradled the palm of my hand so nicely. in contrast, the new brush has a harsh angle at the middle which makes for cramped brushing at best. this will definitely take a few days to get used to. after that i'm sure i will proclaim, "wow, this is the best brush i've ever had. how did i ever live without it?" time to go to bed...with clean teeth.

In the Year 2000!

well, well well. shazam. the freakin' volpes have a blog. will wonders never cease?!? this was jim's idea. he said that i spend enough time on the computer at night so maybe i should actually record some ramblings and accomplish something. ok, he didn't really say all that but we all know what he really means. he wanted to do some junk about collecting star wars figures but...well we all know...lame. now he's kicking himself for suggesting that his wife get her own private window to the world. anyway. i guess here is the place where we can keep friends and family (insert cell phone jingle here) up to date on the volpe circus so to speak. i guess you could say we have 5 rings so we're even more action than barnum and bailey!