Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Gotta Love Three Year Olds...

ok, you don't really. and sometimes they are downright challenging. but sometimes they say the funniest seriously.

today i was in the kitchen with my three year old little lady and she was shaking and gyrating profusely around the kitchen. her speed was enough to make anyone dizzy or sick to their stomach. i said to her jokingly, "be careful or you'll shake your brains right out." to which she responded, "huh uh, i don't have brains." :)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

You Guessed It...

it's been a long time since i posted. i just don't have the time or energy for it these days and sorry to say, i'm not so sure much interesting is going on around here anyway. it's pretty much alot of school, just about as many activities and classes, laundry, menu planning, cooking, grocery shopping. you know. the every day monotony which keeps you overly busy and drives you crazy. the weather has been yucky. it's exceptionally cold for mid october and the forecast of possible snow tomorrow night...with minor accumulation...certainly does not make me any more pleased. we're in southern pennsylvania for heaven's sake. there are some winters where we barely see a flake the whole year. unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be shaping up like it's going to be one of them. so, i guess that's about it for us. oh, and in case you are wondering, i made some really delightful and tasty and oh so moist pumpkin pancakes for dinner last night. i figure if it's fall and it's already going to be nasty weather, that i'm pulling out the fall, fill your tummy and keep you warm recipes early. you've got to roll with it, you know? hmm, it's not a stellar post. i know. but, it's all i've got in me right now. so leave some really interesting comments about what you've been up to and jazz it up a bit for me, OK? there should be something fun to report after the weekend. we are taking the kids on a little day trip on saturday which should be a blast. i'll let you know.