Monday, November 24, 2008

Simply Monday - November 24th

for today...

outside my window - it's dark. not because it's early, but because it's late. we had a very busy day today and i'm just getting to putting up my daybook after 9pm.

i am thinking - that today was long, but very good. it was my youngest child's third birthday today and my husband's yesterday. so, we went out to dinner this evening to celebrate both of their birthdays. this was after we went to get new furniture for the living room, to lunch and to the hershey factory. we had lots of fun...and now i'm ready to drop. ;)

from the learning rooms - we are taking a much needed break for the week. we have out of town company and are just enjoying them and getting ready for thanksgiving.

i am wearing - jeans, blue hooded "totus tuus maria" sweatshirt, argyle socks and sock monkey slippers. and no, this isn't some craziness that i made up this time. only an outfit this mismatched and strange could be true.

from the kitchen - absolutely nothing after what i cooked yesterday. you see, yesterday we had a party with a sort of large group of friends for the two aforementioned birthdays. it was in technical terms...a brunch. and me, well, i just love brunch. i think it's just about the coolest thing in the world. so i cooked and cooked and cooked some more. and well, i'm not too versed on exactly how much you should cook for a large crowd of people so let's just say we will be eating quiche, breakfast casserole and french toast bake for quite a number of days...until they are coming out of our ears to be precise. my oldest actually had the nerve to ask me if i was making pancakes this morning. "oh yeah honey, i'm just disregarding the spinach and mushroom quiche, bacon and tomato quiche, quiche lorraine, breakfast bake, sausage breakfast casserole, bacon and mushroom strata and cinnamon raisin french toast bake in the refrigerator and whipping you up some lovely pancakes."

i am reading - i haven't started little women. my mind is on to something else already. i'm so flighty. i'm thinking of picking up "the picture of dorian grey." i'll let you know on that one.

i am hoping - we are not sick for thanksgiving. we have been around those with a stomach bug, a bronchial thing and also those with a fever/aching thing and are so far in the clear. the oldest has spanish tomorrow and i'm trying to figure out if i want to risk it with the whole stomach bug thing again. that's certainly not how i want to spend my thanksgiving.

i am creating - a menu plan and grocery list for thanksgiving.

around the house - there's disorder. you know the kind that usually comes as holidays come and go and others approach. the kind that surfaces when you have house guests. and the kind that comes will, well frankly...having children.

one of my favorite things - is the type of chocolate cookie they have at shady maple. i can't figure out exactly what they are...but i need to know.

a few plans for the rest of the week - hopefully staying healthy, picking up our new living room furniture, thanksgiving and maybe some shopping on friday.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - ok, actually four. but she is so cute i can't resist.our little birthday girl with her "birdnoculars," as she calls them that she received as a gift.
and with her new shirt showing us how old she is.
and hiding under the couch talking with her new pet froggy.
and in a beautiful cape that was sewn and decorated for her by some friends.

have a great day...the approximately two hours that are left of it. and stop over to peggy's to check out the other daybooks.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Well, We Did It...

...we turned the heat on. i know, not really earth shattering news, 'cause well, it is november 19th after all. but i sort of have this defeated feeling. i was hoping to make it to this weekend when we have company coming to "do it for their benefit." but when i got up at 5:30 this morning...and the thermostat read "57"...i just had to hit "on."

Monday, November 17, 2008

Simply Monday - November 17th

for today...

outside my window - it's dark and rather chilly. the weatherman says the high for today is going to be somewhere in the upper thirties. it's quite a stark difference from the unseasonable seventy five degrees we had on saturday. i think it's officially time to get out the winter coats and turn on the heat. darn.

i am thinking - that i need a new winter coat. my old one doesn't fit that well and is one of those puffy kinds that i have to take off to drive the i freeze anyway. i was unaware when i bought it that it's also the popular style among young men and women at a local high school who like to either wear their jeans too tight paired with a tube top showing their midriff or jeans sagging down to their knees so you can see the entirety of their underwear. not really the look i'm going for.

from the learning rooms - we will be plugging away with the promise of next week. a full week off!

i am thankful for - our home and a husband that has a job.

i am wearing - the stiletto heals with the bubble light (there you go emily) and so is my the way. oh, and my exercise clothes. but it was really hard to stay on the elliptical machine in that footwear.

from the kitchen - today hopefully will see the completion of more applesauce and other jellies for christmas gifts. i need to find somewhere to locate peaches because i would like to make peach butter...but finding peaches here in november is like locating a needle in a haystack. anywho, i'm excited to finish up this stuff because i found the cutest little canning jars at the store yesterday. alright, i admit i'm rather upset that they don't show you just a picture of the jar itself so you can marvel at its cuteness. but i'm willing to bet oh, about a nickel, that if you put on your glasses and squinted to see the jar on the box said "awwwww."

i am reading - well, i picked up little women at the library the other day but i can't say that i have begun. i'm a little ashamed to say that i made it through adolescence, high school and four years of college without picking this one up.

i am hoping - to get alot of things completed today...and get a nap. oh, how i love those days when we don't have to leave the house. it seems like we get quite a few of them this week. yippee!

i am creating - a blog post to respond to another recent comment on my blog about this guy and this. and trying to go back to that secret project. i'm setting for myself a deadline of november 30th to have the secret mission completed. wish me luck.

around the house - there are christmas crafts (for gifts) to be completed before they need to be wrapped up and sent to illinois with the free santa express right after thanksgiving. we made it through five children's crafts yesterday...all involving alot of paint...without out altercation. it was a miracle. of course there is also laundry that is crying out my name. but at least laundry means that there are people to wear it. and for that i am grateful.

one of my favorite things - is bed. yep, i'd be lying if i said anything to the contrary. i simply am in love with our mattress and new sheets. these actually displayed a thread count on the package. that's a big step up for us. it's just so cozy and warm when i climb in. i better stop or i'm bound to go back there instead of heading for the shower.

a few plans for the rest of the week - doctor's appointment for me this evening, spanish and piano for the oldest tomorrow and then a whirlwind day of gymnastics, spanish and irish dance on thursday. that's my most unfavorite day of the week. this week there is also a recital at irish dance to figure in. that should add an interesting element to the day. but then friday is free. did someone say three home days in one week? unheard of. :) that makes me so productive already.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - a picture my husband did of himself in a yearbook photo thing on facebook. i believe this way the template for 1989. it's creepy how much it really looks like him in 1989. how did they know? but then 1989, almost every young man looked like "they wished that they had jesse's girl," right?

make sure to stop over to peggy's and check out all of the other daybook entries.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

These Are Sure To Make Your Holidays Bright

i was just clicking through some things at amazon looking for a bubble night light for my grandma. one of my fondest memories of christmas as a child is sitting with her in her living room and watching the bubble lights on her tree just go to town. so, i thought it would be a rather sentimental and nice gift for her. but little did i know that i would find the shoes that are sure to complete my holiday ensemble. check these babies out...i was not aware that a stiletto heel with a bubble light in the heel (and completely see through none the less) existed. i think i might order me up a pair for me and one for grandma. and then you can watch me break my neck...'cause i'm solely a flats kind of girl y'all. now grandma on the other hand. i'm thinking she could work it out.

Monday, November 10, 2008

This One's For You And Your White Trash BBQ

ah, bizarre title i know. it was spawned by this comment (from someone calling themself, whitetrashbbq) which i received on my pre-election post about the frightening possibility (which has now become a reality) of obama becoming the next president of the united states.

What rock have you been living under? We've lost more rights and freedoms under bush than under all the previous administrations combined.

Thank God Obama won. It's time for sanity again. There's hope in the land again.

God bless and protect President Obama!

well, first to address the rock issue. what rock have i been living under? a very nice one where i'm free to practice my religion, educate my children and not be dependent upon government handouts...uh, i mean, control my every move...i mean help me. a rock that has as it's leader someone who believes in the rights of the unborn and has helped to restore a little of dignity to the value of a human life. and a rock where the leader doesn't consider a baby, who as the consequence of a "botched" abortion is still alive, as something to be thrown in the garbage and allowed to die there without consolation or medical assistance. this baby mind you, could be of a very viable age (witnessed by the survivors of abortion we have seen speaking out recently). i also love the fact that my rock isn't a place where i am forced to watch my taxes go directly into the coffers of planned parenthood to pay for them to "counsel" women into killing their babies, or as they call them "nameless clumps of tissue." and i see it as quite a fringe benefit of my life under the rock that hospitals and doctors who also oppose abortion are not forced to provide this procedure or risk being sued, fined or worse. so there's the intro to my neighborhood.

now, do you mind if i ask you a question? what rights and freedoms do you believe we have lost under the bush administration? if you are speaking of things like partial birth abortion and stem cell's a moot issue with me and one that isn't worth trying to convince me otherwise. it can never be a right to kill another human being, pure and simple. our lives and the lives of others are not in our power to end or dispose of. both instances are killing and that is something that cannot be legislated. do any amount of research of scientific findings and you will see they are indeed doesn't matter that they aren't out here walking around yet. to deny this is to deny pure and scientific fact and a display of pure ignorance. this is what mr. obama displays when he states that knowing when human life begins is "above his pay grade." i call it ignorance while giving him the benefit of the doubt. but while looking at all of the speeches he has delivered to planned parenthood and others...i think it's more of trying to make up something to cover up an answer you don't really want to give because it would expose how revolting the whole thing actually is.

if you have other rights or freedoms that you believe we have lost...go ahead. i'm listening. but under all the previous administrations combined? wow, that's forty one other administrations (if my counting is correct considering grover cleveland is counted as the 22nd and 24th, but if you want to count both of his separately, we're at 42). i can't possibly see how george w. bush did more damage to the american people in eight years than a whole slew of other men did in approximately two hundred and eleven years. those are awfully big shoes to fill. but according to wikipedia, he is five foot eleven, so i guess he could have a pretty large shoe size...but anyway.

and just a little note, before i'm ordained as one...i'm not a george w. bush fanatic. am i crazy about everything he has done? nope. do i think he was the greatest president who ever lived? probably wouldn't get my vote. but, do i appreciate the small steps he has made to protect the dignity of all human life? yes, definitely. and while we're at it...i'm not some do or die mccain freak either. would he have been my choice for president if i could pick anyone in this world? no. but, in this election he was the only person that was offered to me who had a possibility of defeating the abortion touting, FOCA signing obama. frankly, i would have rather voted for palin instead of mccain, but i wasn't given that option. and before we even travel down the "but she doesn't have any experience" road...yes, she does. in fact, she has more executive experience than obama by a landslide. and for that matter, i don't really give senators that much clout in the legislative end of it i'm calling that contest for her too. does she have the foreign policy experience? no, but either does obama.

and while we're on my favorite pick for the president, if i could choose anyone in the world, it would be this guy. so i guess that trumps the race card that you were possibly thinking of pulling too. let me say this, was i pleased that obama was elected strictly from the standpoint of equality for people of every skin color. yes. i have always said that i don't care if the person is purple with green polka dots as long as he or she stands up for what is right. but i just can't overlook his total disregard for the dignity of the human person. and i really can't understand how he doesn't see this as being an accomplice to the genocide of the african american people. he is acting as planned parenthood's trophy wife despite the fact that planned parenthood was started by this woman. and do you know some of her favorite activities? well, let me enlighten. they go by such happy titles as eugenics, racism, racial cleansing and selective breeding. just to name a few. she also gave popular talks to the ku klux klan and was given rather rave reviews from a not so cute little lad named hitler. and who is 1939 is quoted as saying "We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population?" yep, you've guessed it. the foundress of planned parenthood herself.

so anyway, these are my thoughts. i hope i didn't spoil the bbq, but these are the things that need to be said. i am thanking God that obama won, only for the reason that it has served to strengthen my resolve to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. and just a sidenote, since the word fight came up, i don't believe that obama can really care for the lives of our soldiers in iraq when he seriously has some issues recognizing the dignity of a human life. but back to my hope. i do have hope. because God is on the throne, not because obama will be on his own personal man made throne in january. i have a messiah, and His name is Jesus Christ. i don't need one of God's own creatures to step in and try to play that part for me. God is in control. the mass readings ever since the election have been telling me that. they have been telling me not to fear and to know that everything works for His purpose and He will work it out. i just need to be strong and fight the good fight. God bless obama? yes, i pray He will...with wisdom and knowledge of the truth. nobody's conversion is too great for the power of God.

st. martin de porres...pray for us.

Holy Mighty your people.

Simply Monday - November 10th

for today...

outside my window - yep, you guessed it, still dark. i really don't love getting up at five (i am not a morning person, trust me, although lately i haven't been a night owl either, so i'm not sure i own any part of the day anymore) but it allows me to get a few things done before my day with the kids starts and i really need that for my sanity.

i am thinking - that i wish there was a law that stores could only start a holiday thirty days before the actual date. all this christmas nonsense already makes me want to barf. there was something wrong with shopping for halloween candy the day before halloween to "winter wonderland" being pumped through the store's speakers.

i am thankful for - a whole slew of things including a place to live, a good outcome of the pampered chef party and a pretty relaxing weekend including staying in my jammies yesterday until ten in the morning.

from the learning rooms - we are plugging away again. i have slowed the pace for my oldest (not to mention removing some privileges and adding some chores) and things seem to be working better. however, if anyone knows the way to get an eight year old girl to stop arguing with you...i'd love to hear it.

from the kitchen - i made strawberry and grape jelly last week for christmas gifts. this week it will be more applesauce, strawberry lemonade concentrate and maybe peach butter.

i am wearing - a chicken costume and a hula skirt...with a sombrero.

i am creating - a whole slew of christmas presents...which all must be done when my dad comes to visit for thanksgiving because in order to avoid shipping costs, i must send them back with him.

i am going - to spend most of the day at home until my oldest needs to go to little flowers late this afternoon. hopefully this means i will get schoolwork and some other stuff done around here.

i am reading - nothing really from cover to cover right now. i've picked up something here and then put it down. just too many other things going on right now.

i am hoping - that this week pans out better than last week.

i am hearing - dh sorting out some laundry for me (aw, isn't he sweet?) and my youngest lying on the floor next to me...talking to herself (one of her favorite past times).

around the house - it is still (thankfully) pretty clean after having the pampered chef party on saturday. however, i observed this morning that the kids have trashed the basement. think legos, plastic dishes/food and little people spewed all over the entire room. add in a few random video game controllers, dress up clothes and pieces of construction paper for good measure and you've got the picture. i think they will definitely be tending to that this morning.

one of my favorite things - is cuddling with freshly tubbed little people in warm winter jammies. my son knows i like this so much that he will run straight from the tub to find me so that i can smell his head. (yeah, we're weird...i don't need the confirmation.)

a few plans for the rest of the week - some random things here and there but mostly singing for praise and worship tuesday night (and that means spending some much needed time with the Big Guy Upstairs) and dh husband has the day off on friday. we really, really need this after all of the overtime he has been pulling.

here is a picture thought i am sharing -
ok, two picture thoughts. we didn't have a picture of the three of them together. but anyway, these are my little people at the all saints day party at our parish. the oldest is st. agnes, the little man is st. george (which he is every year by the way) and the youngest is our lady of guadalupe...sort of.

have a wonderful day and stop on over to peggy's to check out the other day book entries. she now has a page solely dedicated to the day book so i'm going to link to that one too because well, i'm a paranoid kind of girl that likes to cover all my bases. :)

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I Want To Thank The Academy...

...and michele for giving me and "i love your blog award." strategic campaigning and voting among the masses this was not, but since i never win anything...and to give a bit of levity to my morning on this election day...i'll certainly accept with a smile. :) see, there it is. and now, without further ado...on to the questions (of course any award needs to be accompanied by questions answered quickly and concisely in order to provide some great sound bites for the adoring fans...alright, the rules are that i have to answer them in one word...not so much for the sound bites).

1. where is your cell phone? purse
2. where is dh? store
3. your hair color? blonde
4. your mother? illinois
5. your father? illinois
6. your favorite thing? peace
7. your dream last night? varied
8. your dream/goal? heaven
9. the room you're in? bedroom
10. your hobby? beading
11. your fear? many
12. where do you want to be in six years? here
13. where were you last night? library
14. what you're not? organized
15. one of your wish list items? minivan
16. where you grew up? illinois
17. the last thing you did? exercise
18. what are you wearing? outfit
19. your tv? off
20. your pet? cat
21. your computer? old
22. your mood? dizzy (ok, i know that's more of a physical condition and now i've broken the one word thing but this morning it's really bad)
23. missing someone? yep
24. your car? fleeting
25. something you're not wearing? moonboots
26. favorite store? thrift
27. your summer? good
28. love someone? many
29. your favorite color? blue
30. when is the last time you laughed? seconds
31. last time you cried? yesterday

i nominate the following bloggers for this oh so prestigious award...
1. red cardigan...i mean erin...over at and sometimes tea
2. chris who is burning the candle at both ends
3. stephanie who blogs at xialife about their beautiful little girl and soon to be new addition to the family.

instructions for the recipients...
-display your award
-link back to the person who gave it to you
-nominate at least three other blogs
-put links to those blogs on yours
-leave a message on the blogs of people you have nominated
-enjoy your award
-have a good day
-go vote (for life)

ok, i added the last two (and i know someone has already voted) but hey, it's on my mind.

Monday, November 03, 2008

God Knew It...

and right now you are saying, "well, of course...He knows everything." but exactly what "it" am i speaking of. what else are people speaking of these days, the election. i have been amazed in the past when i have heard God speak to me from the readings or the Gospel at mass. i have sat in utter amazement just thinking "wow, He knew, back when the whole system of readings and stuff were being put in place...He knew what i would need, right now, years and years later." but, i have been even more amazed that He knew about this election. i know this shouldn't surprise me like it does, but i can't help it. i have sat astounded for the past four sundays at how the Gospel is speaking to our situation as a country. i'm sure that this has been coming home to me at an even deeper level thanks to the absolutely home run, straight out of the park homilies which our parish priest has been delivering during this time period. every week has been on life issues and every week he has made it abundantly clear that as catholics, we must stand up for the innocent life of the unborn above all. this is the value that must be put into place before anything else can ever hope to be set right. without this core knowledge, hope and belief in the intrinsic, God given value of life in each and every human being, no matter what the situation in which they are conceived, no matter what the situation which they will be born into and no matter what special hurdles they may be born with, nothing else will ever stand. i have been finding it rather frightening lately while listening to obama and his push for all sorts of "social justice." i seem to remember this man who spoke elegantly about social reform for the good of the people and spreading the wealth around. and in my daughter's schoolwork we have been reading an awful lot about this man who was started a civilian militia which aided in the "re-education" of the people. and we all know what happened in both of those situations. and before people get all up in arms, no, i'm not calling obama "hitler" or "mao." but, let's just say i having been finding some very frightening parallels in policy design. but, essentially it boils down to, without the core belief that all people, no matter what, are created by God and deserve a chance to live, it all begins to fold. it has to. it has nowhere to stand, nowhere to lay it's head. all of the social policy, the antiwar rhetoric and the "for the common good" is a castle built on the sand. it has no foundation, so it will collapse in on itself and take all who dwell within with it.

this past summer we attended a different parish than usual one saturday evening and the priest began his homily by speaking of freedoms. he said how especially people in the united states believe that we have so many freedoms, which we do. but, gradually, day by day, year by year, we are giving those freedoms away. we are relinquishing them to what is "progressive," what is "the majority." every time we lose sight of what is true, what is good, what is holy and take a step away from Him, we lose another freedom. truth is what sets you free and i dare say this is one which we step further and further away from every day. in this same homily this priest spoke of Jesus giving peter the keys to the kingdom. he then asked if we believed God trusted us enough to give us the keys to the kingdom. and then he said, "to those of you who have children...He already has." this is the truth we are missing. other people...especially unborn ones...are the keys to the truth this country needs. they are not a problem, a burden, a mistake. they are the key. God gives the gift of a child and so many find that gift inconvenient, a burden, a problem. they find that maybe that gift isn't wrapped exactly as they think it should be because it is possible that it may have a disability. and frankly, when we do this we are just playing the rude little child at christmas that everybody hates who says, "this isn't what i wanted!" and goes off to pout and whine in the corner. it's time to cut the "i should get everything i want, exactly how i want it and only when i want it" crap and grow up.

so, with all of this being said, it has been a blessing for me that the month leading up to the election is respect life month. and, i am blessed enough to be a part of a parish where our priest has chosen to preach each week of this month on a different life issue. one week he led the congregation to paragraph 1849 in the catechism of the catholic church. the first part of this paragraph reads like this,

"Sin is an offense against reason, truth
and right conscience; it is failure in genuine love for God and neighbor
caused by a perverse attachment to certain goods."

maybe i'm reading this wrong but i see that "perverse attachment to certain goods" in those who are choosing to vote for obama. this can especially be seen in those who actually seem to believe that a vote for obama is a vote for pro-life. they may have an attachment to social welfare or education or the war. but like i said before, through this attachment to something other than the basic kernel of life, they are mistaken.

a few weeks ago i was willing to throw in the towel, to say enough is enough and watch obama win. i've changed my mind. i am getting tired of wading through the manure that the media parades as the truth. i am sick of the skewed and sometimes downright false "facts," the underhanded motives that drive newspaper articles and the fact that most of the media has been campaigning for obama since the beginning under the guise of truth in reporting. i hate all of it and frankly have only found a few sites that i think, just maybe, i can trust to get the truth. but i am not tired of hoping, praying and working for the truth. in fact, today i threw all caution to the wind and met some others from our parish at the noon mass and followed it up with a rosary prayed for the intention of this election on front steps. it felt good to unite with others in prayer and it helped to quiet my heart a bit. on the way to a friend's house afterward my oldest daughter said that she wished she could do something. i told her that she could. she could pray. and that is a very important something. she then said that it just seemed like alot of people were going to vote for obama. i agreed but told her that is no reason for us to stop praying for a miracle because it is sure that God will work this out in accord with His plan. and then, i had to make sure that i reminded her that even if obama wins, we still have to know that God heard our prayers and that He has a plan for all of this. in reply, she exhibited such a grown up understanding when she said, "so it could be kind of like joseph." i was a little confused and asked her to explain. she said that with joseph, God brought good out of the bad. He took the evil that joseph's brothers committed and used it to save a people. what an observation. out of the mouth's of babes, right?

so, i will be praying without ceasing again tomorrow. please pray with me. pray for our children, our freedom and our country.

Simply Monday - November 3rd

for today...

outside my window - it is still dark but the weather man says it's going to be a nice day...a not in the forties kind of day. i can really handle this kind of weather for the first few days of november.

i am thinking - about the election. who isn't?

from the learning rooms - thank you to all who wrote with encouragement last week about our school issues. we took the rest of the week (after a huge blow up on monday) away from math and had a happier house. both myself and my daughter needed the break as we were both just starting to be so anxious about her math and it was tainting the rest of the school day.

i am thankful for - time to relax yesterday. it was greatly needed by the entire family. our weekends have seemed so busy and everybody hanging out in their pjs until noon yesterday was just what we needed. we had went to mass on saturday night and stayed for an all saints day party (which i have yet to make the time to post about).

from the kitchen - i canned the applesauce and now i have been able to reclaim the space in my fridge. i need to make up another batch of breakfast sandwiches but i have to get some eggs first. i boiled up some stock this weekend from a chicken we had. i froze most of it but saved some to make chicken noodle soup for dinner tonight.

i am wearing - a spacesuit. i have no idea. just work with me here and know that i'm actually wearing the same boring workout clothes that i got tired of posting about.

i am reading - a few different books on canning and preserving, trying to decide whether i just want to go the traditional direction with the christmas gifts for family or if i'm going to branch out into something different. every year i hear some voices from the "it's the same thing...again" camp but i also know that if i deviate...those voices will suddenly become the "why did you change" camp. you just can't win.

i am hoping - that obama doesn't win this election. pure and simple. that is my greatest prayer, hope, wish and dream this week.

i am creating - a post about the election that i have been working on for the past month. i figure i should polish and finish it before the election...but of course not too far ahead of the election. procrastination and revision after revision...that's my style y'all.

i am hearing - the kids complaining about being chilly and getting their clothes on. you see. i am holding out and haven't turned the heat on yet. it's just a little chilly in here in the morning but it has been warming up nicely during the day.

around the house - yep, laundry and some other little projects. nothing too exciting. oh, and i got some curtains last night. now we just need to hang the rod and we'll be home free. i find it kind of an embarrassing commentary that we have been in this house eight months and i still haven't hung curtains. i'm sure our neighbors now know our schedules like clockwork.

one of my favorite things - is taking a nap. yesterday my husband and i had a discussion about what interests us. he listed off a few things and then asked me what interested me. i said, "interests? i don't have interests. i have children." i told him that i'm doing things with the kids all day so i can't do other things. obviously. he then asked what i liked to do when i was done being with the kids all day. to which i replied "sleep." he then made the proclamation that my interest was "sleeping." wow, that's great. thanks for pointing that out honey.

a few plans for the rest of this week - pray like crazy for this election, possibly have practice for "the band" on tuesday, and just a few little activities of the kids here and there. oh, and my pampered chef party on saturday. anybody need some kitchen gadgets?

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -"and because i'm so cute...the nice people of the neighborhood gave me all of this!"

please jog on over to peggy's to check out all the other day book entries.