Monday, March 30, 2009

Simply Monday - March 30th

outside my window - it's dark and it sounds like it's pretty windy. we had a big ol' storm yesterday with golf ball sized hail. i managed to get the van in the garage but not before it took a few minute chips to the paint.

i am thinking - of a good friend of mine who at final check was in labor last night. i am hoping and praying that the night was a productive one and that she is resting comfortably with her new little bundle of joy this morning.

from the learning rooms - we're getting by. enough said.

i am thankful for - the fact that the really nasty storm didn't turn into something alot a tornado. there were a few funnel cloud sightings around here but nothing confirmed and that is a blessing.

from the kitchen - there needs to be a menu plan being put together quickly. i can't stand it when i start monday without one.

i am wearing - the workout clothes and not in a spunky, creative mood to come up with something better.

i am reading - a children's book called "kenny and the dragon" to see if it's any sort of fair for my oldest to read. she reads so fast and so much that it's almost impossible to furnish a continuous stream of good books for her.

i am hoping - for good weather dry up the swamp of a yard we have courtesy of all the rain we have been getting. i went out to put some fertilizer on it yesterday and it was just squish, squish, squish and i certainly "enjoyed" feeling the mud splatter up the back of my pants.

i am creating - two quilt blocks and two easter dresses. considering next week is holy week, i'm thinking the dresses might need to come first. sorry girls. but really. the quilt blocks are already so late as it is...what's another few weeks right?

i am hearing - relative quiet except my dh trying to rouse the kids. but they haven't woke up enough yet to groan and i can still enjoy the quiet for a few more minutes.

around the house - there is tidying to be done and laundry of course.

one of my favorite things - is the Holy Thursday liturgy...and it's coming fast.

a few plans for the rest of the week - sewing, hopefully visiting my new goddaughter, a book sale with the homeschool group and a meeting for new and interested homeschoolers. mix that in with the regular school week activities and stir.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -my little monkeys climbing in a tree.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

That Was A Doozey!

this afternoon we had quite the storm. it came up rather quickly and the sky was completely black as four in the afternoon. when the tornado warning sounded we headed for the basement. but not before getting one of the cars in the garage to escape the golf ball sized hail. this was definitely the largest and the most hail i have seen before. it hailed for at least ten minutes and all of it was that large size. after we were given the all clear i stepped out to snap a few pictures. alot of it had already melted but it was still quite the's one of the two to three inch deep pile of it that was left in front of the garage door.and here's the statue of Mom in the front yard surrounded by the gigantic hail.and finally, all the water rushing through our backyards. it looks like it's pretty deep down there. well, at least we know the new bluebird boxes will withstand some pretty severe weather. we had just gotten the pole they are mounted to into the ground as the storm started. i had also just gotten the lawn fertilized. it looks like it got plenty of water to start its work...that is if it's not plastered onto the sides of the house with all the other mulch and mud that flew up when the hail was pelting down into the ground.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Simply Monday - March 23rd

outside my window - it's dark and i think it's supposed to be a bit more chilly today. i could really handle if it just got nice and stayed that way. my sinuses are going crazy.

i am thinking - that i might need to cough up the money and go see a nutritionist. i am working my behind off with this weight loss stuff and it just isn't working that well. i'm kind of at a loss. there is something that just isn't right.

from the learning rooms - we are plugging away and making good progress. i am happy to report that we have included much more science than before and other things still seem to be getting done. i want to start wrangling up stuff for our portfolio so that it doesn't completely overwhelm me in a couple of months.

i am thankful for - a weekend where we didn't have anyplace we had to go or something that we had to do.

from the kitchen - there will be a roast in the crock pot since dd has a meeting that goes late.

i am wearing - a monkey suit and carrying a large banana.

i am reading - nothing really at the moment. i have two books that i have been carrying around with me pretending like i am going to start them but the littlest kids don't seem to nap much anymore and that is making it a bit of a problem.

i am hoping - that we can actually figure out how to grow grass in our mutant backyard. yesterday evening i isolated a patch of grass at the edge of our yard, about a foot in diameter, that i want our entire yard to look like. i hope that maybe it will bring friends.

i am creating - a gift for a birthday thing on saturday, two (yes, now it's two) quilt blocks (i am soooo behind) and Easter dresses for my two daughters and myself. wish me luck...and that my sewing machine doesn't throw a fit. sometimes it just really starts acting up when i need to get alot of stuff done.

i am hearing - my dh searching through the dryer for some clothes for the littlest kids. yes, it's not folded. but it's washed. and really in the whole scope of things, i would deem that as the most important part.

around the house - there is laundry to be folded (obviously) and some to be washed. the kitchen could use a good overhaul but i'm not foreseeing the time for that today.

one of my favorite things - is sleeping in...and i finally got to do it on saturday. it was punctuated of course with many "stops and starts" that began at 5:30am but i did get a bit more sleep and it felt great.

a few plans for the rest of the week - going to see a play at the Catholic high school with the homeschool group, making a bluebird box at the park, gymnastics, irish dance, the dentist and a nature study.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - out of an entire museum of cool stuff...the three year old still gives the best in show award to the "rock" she could sit on.

have a great week and make sure to check out the other entries at peggy's.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Idiocy of Popular Media

well, most days i don't know whether to laugh or get really ticked off when i read the news headlines at cnn. today was no exception. of course i had to click on the headline "commentary, pope wrong on condoms." and let me tell you, this commentary piece by mr. martin is about as classic of an example of 'having no real information or background about the topic you are writing' as one can find. he starts off by telling us

"The church has long been opposed to the use of condoms and other forms of birth control because it strongly believes that sex is for procreation and enriching the union of a married couple."

ok, yeah, so he glossed over some pamphlet he found which actually correctly states the church's position on birth control but then he must have nodded off for the rest of the explanation because he goes on to say...

"What we need today are our church leaders preaching, teaching and imploring their members not to go to bed with anyone and everyone. We also need church leaders who are willing to stand up and tell folks that if they do choose to sin -- that's what the church and other faith leaders consider sex outside of marriage -- then you had better take the necessary precautions to protect yourself."

oh, so i get it now mr. martin. you acknowledge that the largest reason this disease is spreading so rapidly is that people are having sex outside of the bonds of matrimony and that the act of premarital sex is a sin. yet, if people are going to sin we should help them to feel safe and secure about doing it. super. i would imagine it's highly probable that you are also of the same camp that says, "well, i hope my teenage daughter isn't going to have sex but just in case she does i'm going to put her on the pill." it seems to me that these two mindsets usually walk hand in hand. and it also seems to me that those are the same people who are so distraught in a few years and can't understand why their daughter has five different sexually transmitted diseases and why she is leaving home to live with her boyfriend.

first, do i claim that the above scenario can't happen to a young lady from a strongly rooted, faithful Catholic family. no. i don't live in a cave somewhere. what i am saying is, we cannot promote sin and make it look attractive and like you can't possibly live up to what is being asked of us. i firmly believe that people will, for the most part, live up to the expectations you put before them. if you expect somebody to miss the mark and provide an easy out for them to do so, then they probably will. if you hold someone to the gold standard, usually they will try their hardest to make it. i think our world has gotten to where it is today largely in part by not expecting too much from people and allowing them to sin and fall in comfort. and that is a shame.

i see this whole condom issue like this. let's say you have a fourteen year old son who is really infatuated with your new sports car. you are leaving the house for a few hours and say to him, "son, you know that you aren't allowed to drive the car, but i also want you to know that the gas tank is full, i sat the keys on your pillow and i won't be mad if you drive it." let's go for another example. how about the parents who tell their underage child that they don't want them to drink and get drunk but heck, if you want to do it, please tell me so i can provide the alcohol and you can do it in my house.

enough said. simply put, we cannot be proponents of sin. we cannot provide an easy out. we are all to strive to be saints and making sin cushy is not the way to do it.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Simply Monday - March 16th

outside my window - it's still dark and i have no clue what it's supposed to be like today. i simply hope it's warm enough and not too muddy for the kid's to go outside for awhile. they are stir crazy and just ready for summer. you know what? take a number kids. mom is too.

i am thinking - that i need to go see a nutritionist...or somebody. i'm exercising profusely and drastically watching what i eat and how much of it i eat and the weight still seems to really like to hang around with me. i am its favorite friend. yippee.

from the learning rooms - i am making plans for next year. yep, when the days stay breezy and dreary...i make book lists and curriculum plans. :)

i am thankful for - a cuddly little three year old who woke up in a good mood and snuggled in by my side.

from the kitchen - i need to make a menu plan using whatever is in the house. i am trying my best to not visit the grocery store...except for milk and bread. there are monthly payments to be made on the new vehicle and i'm trying to pinch every penny to make sure that isn't an ordeal.

i am wearing - a smile. i'm trying to be more positive this lent. it hasn't been working so well the past few weeks but i'm hear again this morning to try and make a new start.

i am reading - book and program reviews to try and figure out what we are going to use next year.

i am hoping - to get some of kids clothes culled that don't fit or are just to stained or ripped up to wear anymore. the stuff doesn't really fit in their drawers anymore, but from what they are coming down dressed in (and i am sending them back up to change) i know there is much in there that can be gotten rid of.

i am creating - a plan...for many things. now to just put it all into action, step by step (that's the part i'm bad at...conquer the world all at once...yes!...and actually accomplish nothing...yep, i'm there).

i am hearing - my five year old whine...about everything. it's been his mantra lately. i'm hoping it's just a phase and not a personality trait.

around the house - lots and lots o' laundry.

one of my favorite things - is seeing the tulips and such peeking up out of the ground. i am upset that i couldn't find my crocuses to dig up when we moved from the old house. i am going to put it on my long term check list to plant some crocuses and snow drops this fall. i'm also looking to get a start of a butterfly bush for the backyard.

a few plans for the rest of the week - spanish and piano, irish dance, gymnastics and art, and a irish dance performance on friday. but, there are two days at home...with nothing to do. yippee!

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - this was mardi gras at our house. yes, i know we are well into lent now. but i forgot to post these pictures and i thought it was too cute to pass up.

have a great week and check in on the other daybook entries over at peggy's.

Monday, March 09, 2009

Super...Just Super.

well, obama never disappoints does he? he gives me a new reason to detest his presidency every day it seems. today was a dandy. i particularly "like" this quote, "In recent years, when it comes to stem cell research, rather than furthering discovery, our government has forced what I believe is a false choice between sound science and moral values." oh, is that so mr. president. i thought the basis of science and medicine was to do good for ALL people. oh yes, and it's kind of funny that you go on to say, "As a person of faith, I believe we are called to care for each other and work to ease human suffering." well, i guess that we only measure suffering now from the standpoint that a person is around to tell us about it. with talk like this i assume the euthanasia...oh, excuse me...physician assisted suicide law will be sliding across the desk any time now. i won't even go on to address the rest of the quotes in the article. the politically correct drivel isn't worth the word count.

Simply Monday - March 9th

outside my window - i'm not really sure. it's still dark. but, if it's even partially as lovely as this weekend was...i'll take it.

i am thinking - that i have much sewing to do with the fabric i purchased this weekend, not to mention the fabric i already have in my stash.

from the learning rooms - we have made it through february! hurrah! now just to finish up through march and i think we will be in the clear. i have a few field trips and other things in the works to (hopefully) help facilitate this.

i am thankful for - the little things like conversations and smiles that make life so sweet.

from the kitchen - a menu plan should surface some time today. i usually do it over the weekend but this weekend was crazy!

i am wearing - many hats. today i will don those of teacher, prison warden, chef, jewelry maker and seamstress. the others will stay on the shelf in the closet for future use.

i am reading - "the father brown reader." someone from our homeschool group put together a book program for the kids to do and win prizes. my eight year old had to read a non-saint book by a Catholic author. so, since i thought "actual" chesterton was a little out of her league, i went with this. it's rather nice because they have a free study guide on the website also. that makes for really easy planning and schooling.

i am hoping - that this might actually be the beginning of some spring weather. i am seeing some buds peak their little heads out of the ground and know that they don't want any more snow or subzero temps either.

i am creating - a mental note of in what order i want to tackle my sewing projects. my oldest seems to think i should do the easter dresses first (so that they actually get done by easter) but i think that maybe i should whip up a pair of capris for her first. they will be so quick and easy and it might just be the confidence boost i need. or maybe i should whip up my second quilt block...which was for the month of february by the way. my mind is also stumbling back to that little secret project i talked about quite some time ago. the Lord keeps putting it on my heart and mind so i should really get a move on.

i am hearing - my wonderful husband doing the sometimes painful job of waking up the kids. he does it every morning and i am so grateful. this morning it's even harder because after that time change their little internal clocks are still telling them it's only 5:45 instead of a quarter to seven.

around the house - it is a disaster. we weren't home hardly at all this weekend and that always makes for a really cluttered house. shoes and clothing are left in random places where they were left in one of the frenzies to leave the house on time. there are bags of fabric that need to be put away, or quickly cut out into something and many...many birthday party favor bags to be sorted and put away. the kids between them had three birthday parties to attend this weekend and i need to make sure i get to the bubbles in the one bag before the three year old does.

one of my favorite things - is listening to the birds singing again. they were out in full force in the trees behind the house yesterday and it was music to my ears.

a few plans for the rest of the week - trying to keep it a little laid back with the regular classes and meetings to attend to. praise and worship on tuesday to add into the mix. wednesday is a free day...and i'm already pining for it.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you - my first quilt block ever. this is for the virtual quilting bee i have been talking about. it was handed off to the recipient yesterday after mass and i was pleased to find out that mine wasn't the very last one. close...but not the very last.

have a wonderful day and make sure to stop by the other daybooks!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Who Knew?

...that the weather was so much like my kids. it doesn't listen either. :)

i had a little talk with the weather last night and told it that i am fed up with winter and that it shouldn't snow today. but this is what it looks like right now outside my front door...there wasn't even a flake on the ground or in the sky when i woke at five this morning. now it looks like a winter wonderland outside and it's coming down fast. the kids are already making plans. guess i should go dig up the snow pants.

Simply Monday - March 2nd

for today...

outside my window - it's snowing. it's march for goodness sake. yes, i am a little bummed that throughout the entire winter we didn't get one "really good" snow, just a bunch of little things that melted quickly and alot of ice. but let me assure you...i'm over it...i can deal. it just needs to be spring already. we one day last week which was sort of a teaser. the temperature was delightful, but it was raining. although we went out anyway because, well, these kids are crazy with bottled up energy.

i am thinking - that it is the second week of lent and i'm still not positive what my focus is...or should be for that matter. with all this battle with my weight and the rest of my health it's pretty much impossible to give up anything in the food realm (which i usually see as a bit of a cop out for myself anyway, but it seems that something in that realm will give rise to something in the spiritual realm usually). so why is it that now when i have given up anything and everything (unless fruits and veggies are something you are supposed to give up) i can't think of something spiritually to better myself. oh no, it's not that there isn't anything. that came across wrong. i'm just having trouble settling on one and oh yeah...doing it.

from the learning rooms - i promised my five year old there would be something fun today. so, i need to think of something. for him fun equals a mess and alot of activity. and if i pull that off it will have to be followed up by my idea of fun...a nap.

i am thankful for - two cars that are running. i forgot to tell you last week that we got a new van, well, it's used. but very new to us. we managed to get the payments where they seem like they will fit in our budget and i have to report i am thrilled with the gas mileage so far.

from the kitchen - nothing too spectacular. it is lent after all and i really don't need any additional temptations either.

i am wearing - workout clothes and slippers. it's quite the fashion combo if i do say so myself.

i am reading - the kid's various syllabi (if that's even a word) to see what we need to purchase for next year. and then my husband is reading the peril on my face as i realize how much all of this is going to cost.

i am hoping - that we can maintain a sense of order this week and really get into a good lenten family routine.

i am creating - two quilt blocks. one is completely cut out and just needs to be sewn. the other, well...i purchased the fabric. that counts for something right?

i am hearing - my eight year old completely over exaggerate our snow fall. she good at all things blown out of proportion. gee, i wonder where she gets that from? ;)

around the house - laundry and basement straightening. also some furniture i think i want to get rid of.

one of my favorite things - is knowing today is a day at home and that means NAP TIME!!!

a few plans for the rest of the week - spanish, piano, band rehearsal, book study, Bible study, gymnastics, dance, etc and etc. and really, i'm expecting so see a few of those things dropped because well, i'm just not good at the sprinters pace anymore.

here is a picture thought i am sharing with you -
"are you sure this stuff makes maple syrup?"

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