Monday, May 21, 2007

And Introducing Me...The Slacker

well, i was on a roll and doing just swell. i was posting pretty faithfully everyday, sometimes even twice and took over. there has been a bit of an emotional and spiritual rain cloud in our lives as of late. it has been encompassing much of my thinking lately and blocking, unfortunately, the creative humor section of my brain. so to the approximate three people who read this blog from time to time, and anybody else who happens by, throw out a little prayer for us. we'd really appreciate it...and hopefully we'll be back on a roll soon.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How Can I Keep From Singing?

well, any one who knows me knows that...well frankly...i can't keep from singing. it's quite frankly my favorite thing to do (sleep runs neck in neck). i LOVE to sing...all the time. anyway, this post isn't about that but a cd being sold by my parish on which all of the songs were performed by members of our parish. you can take a listen to it and purchase one here. it is soooooooo good (and i'm not just saying that because i'm on track #13) :)

Monday, May 14, 2007

One Down, One to Go

tonight i finished the skirt for my 17 month old little girl. it feels so good to finish something once in awhile. this one was pretty easy and with all the ruffles it is pretty forgiving on my mistakes.
my model was tired and not feeling well...
but she did manage to stand up to indulge me with one picture.
isn't she just the cutest? i am biased of course.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

well y'all...happy mother's day! i used to not get into today too much in years past. you know, stand up at church for a blessing for mother's, out to lunch, take a nap, etc. but i don't know whether it's now the fact i have three or what, but today i'm feelin' sappy people.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ordained for His Service

today we traveled to baltimore to attend the ordination to the diaconate of a friend from college. it was an awesome mass, rich in symbolism. at the mass the newly ordained are handed the book of the Gospels for it is now their duty to proclaim this Gospel. many old friends were there for the occasion. God bless you john in this first year as a deacon and this last year of your preparation for your priestly ordination!

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


oh no...

am i eating pure shortening?

no silly!

it's just marshmallows!

Show Me the Money!

i haven't used a picture in a while. and since everything is more interesting with pictures...i thought i would include this one. i just think it's classic. it's one of those pictures you just want to hide away until your little boy brings home his first date. anyway, hope you enjoy it as much as we do. i swear i didn't teach him this type of thing. :)


i have discovered my new favorite thing (well, don't i sound like oprah? but rest assured i'm not going to fill a television studio with hundreds of screaming and jumping middle aged women and give them each one.). don't get too excited, it's just a soy candle. i know, whoopity doo da. anyway, they smell fabulous and are soooooooo much cheaper than the "yankmewalletoutohmypurse candles." i can't bring myself to spend $11.95 for 3.5 ounces of anything (hey, isn't that how much gas costs now?). oh, sorry to keep up the suspense. they are local lancaster county, pa candles from the hayden candle company. i was given my first one (warm apple pie) as a gift at new years. we have been using it for each house showing and the scent is terrific and really fills the house. it is almost gone now so i purchased some new ones at Country Creations in strasburg, pa today. my new ones are spiced tea. i can't wait for our open house this sunday so i can burn them. so come one, come all! smell my candles and buy my house!

Friday, May 04, 2007


i got two tiered skirts cut out of the pastel rose fabric. it was surprisingly the one my oldest daughter liked best. i liked it the least and therefore wanted to try the pattern out on it first. shhh, don't tell her. anyway, i cut one out for her and my 17 month old. can i tell you how cute the tiny pieces of fabric are for a teeny tiny tiered skirt?

When It Rains...It Pours!

we had two showings scheduled for today. one canceled, one came. another for tomorrow. alright people, let's stop lookin' and start buyin'. :) took the kids to burger king for lunch to celebrate my daughter's b-day, a little late. she got a free coupon. they had spiderman toys, so that made my son ecstatic, and he doesn't get happy about too much, because is usually a gruff little man. he was happy about the toy, but not happy about the fact that it didn't actually change colors in cold water like it said it did. the directions for this one were great too (please reference my previous post about the bobble head). thank you burger king. how can we ever repay you for teaching us so much? i'll have to post the little flyer later.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Happy Birthday To You!

i wanted to post this yesterday but didn't get around to it.

yesterday was my oldest daughter's birthday. it's quite astounding to see how she has grown. i wanted to post a baby picture of her but we didn't graduate into the digital realm of photography until she was about three so this picture was more easily accessible.

happy birthday sweetheart! mommy loves you!

Out of the Mouths of Children...

well now that i am far removed enough from this minor car accident i cannot get over a comment my oldest daughter made to one of the passengers of the other vehicle. the man's wife, who was riding with him. was missing her two front teeth. when my daughter saw her she said (to the lady mind you) "hey, i lost my two front teeth a while ago but they already came back in." and as if that wasn't enough, she followed it up with, "when are your's coming back in?" ah, children. :)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OK, Enough Already...I Get It!

well, i'm afraid to ask what will happen next. i think i should just sit here and watch the world go by. you see, today has been, well, one of those days. the kind you look back on and say, "oh my." this morning at 9 am they called and said someone wanted to see the house, we've asked for 24 hour notice, but someone wanted to come at 2...yes, today. so i said "yes." never want to turn down a potential buyer. cleaned like crazy. had to empty the stinky cat box and the mini blinds broke. finally got everything done and went out to the car. the battery was dead. one of the kids had left one of the little extra ceiling lights on...AGAIN! we had to charge it off of our neighbors car for about 20 minutes because it was really dead. it finally started and we headed off to eat lunch with my husband at work, about 2 hours late. we had a nice time at lunch and when we left i was going to kill some time by driving past a couple of homes that were for sale but, we never made it. some guy rear ended me at a stoplight (i still can't figure out why, we were completely stopped and then it was when we started again that he hit me, anyway) so we had to wait about an hour for the police officer to show up. so here i am, finally at home, only 1/2 hour before dinner time, with a cake and 48 cupcakes to bake for my daughter's seventh birthday tomorrow. i offered up my day this morning for some friends of mine who were going to have to face something really difficult today...i should have known the day would be like this. guess that's redemptive suffering in action.