Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Been A Long Time Since I Blogged

hmm, that seems like a theme doesn't it? i guess blogging in the summer just isn't much for me, aside from these monthly check ins. we've had what seems like constant house guests (inlaws, mother, friends from college) which were all wonderful of course. but, by the time it was all over. i was beat. a month and a half of a house in flux...with extra people in it...took the wind from my sails. and once all of the guests cleared out i got to making stuff to sell at the fcl conference here in lancaster. i didn't quite sell as much as i would have liked to, but it was a lovely day. you can check out what i have left here: unfortunately, i didn't sell any t-shirts and i had to order 24 to get them printed so...anybody need an assortment of marian t-shirts? :) i also managed to finish my super top secret project for the conference. it was simply a liturgical planner to keep track of your celebrating feasts and such. i have had a desire to have one for myself for a year now and i finally got my act together and made it. i was pleased that people seemed to think it was a good idea and i even sold a few. that was pretty cool if i must say so.

now i'm trying to get ready for school to start before we go away on vacation. i know i won't be able to do all of it once we get back. as always, there are some things i need to reevaluate and i need to give myself that pep talk of "you can do this, no matter what the rest of the world around you says or can do it...and you are supposed to." that's the hard one. i need to psych myself up a few times every year like this. you'd think that going into the fifth year of this i wouldn't need to do it anymore but things move and change and i'm not a gal for moving and changing so it always catches me off guard. just my personality i guess. but, i'm hoping to get started on a few subjects next week just to give us the little "your kind of ahead so you can slack toward the end and still get in your 180 days" cushion that i do so love.

well, guess that's about it. somebody in the other room is having a fit over not getting the dora block that they wanted so i better go.